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When you are on the go, having your phone and keys in hand is about all you can successfully keep up with.  Thankfully, the Yuka app added to your phone is just about all you need to add!

Yuka is a free mobile app that allows you to scan the barcodes of food and beauty products and instantly see their impact on your health.  The good….the bad….and everything in the vast land of “in between” is available with a single click of a button.  From your beauty regimen to your lunch with girlfriends, you can assess the choices you are making and see if those decisions are in line with the healthiest version of yourself.

So…let’s put Yuka into practice to better explain how it works.  It scans the barcode of the item you have on hand.  Yuka then rates it and lets you know if it’s inline with your current health needs and desires.  If not, then it will submit and display a substitute.

Food Credibility/Scoring

  • nutritional quality + presence of additives + organic quality 

Suggestions/Following Steps

  • product category + product rating + product availability 

With no in-app advertising, Yuka also prides itself on being an independent service that thrives upon meeting a user’s individual needs in an unbiased way.  It also helps you develop better product knowledge and awareness of brands that better benefit you own health.

We are what we eat.  Why not sneak in a tool that helps us nail the best for us and our body….each AND every time.

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