Maggie Parsley

Classic and neutral. These two words hit the nail on the head in describing our PR go-to gal, Maggie. While never one to rock an overdone or “look at me” number, this girl strives for solid staples that are crisp and never-fading in their closet shelf life. While high-rise denim is her current obsession, she is certainly one to encourage a topper to add texture (perhaps a fur vest) or a statement making accessory to give depth to a client’s selection. While making solid investments in the classics and in neutral hues is her bread and butter, adding a little pop to one’s fashion plate is also just as filling.

Latest News & Events


Let’s just get it out in the open, shall we?  The ladies of e.Allen love a reason to party, and our annual Spring Preview event on March 30th (both in-store and online) is bound to be one [...]


With spring break and seasonal events coming down the pipeline, it’s time to come out of hibernation.  While some of us have slacked off with our exercise regime and loaded up with red wine [...]


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