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With Easter right around the corner, it’s likely that the gathering of friends and family is on our radar in some capacity.  Be it hosting a festive lunch after attending church or assembling brunch for one of those infamous, traditional egg hunts, having a table that resonates this special holiday’s theme sets the tone.

Spring is always welcomed after coming off the heels of a dreary winter.  By combining elements of the present season and easter, itself, a great table setting is easier than you might initially think.

We have come across a few wonderful resources that can help you achieve the look you are going for.  While some of the following lend themselves to a setting that works throughout April AND May, you might just come across some purchases that are meant to be used in sole regard to this Sunday, April 9th! Let’s get to shopping…or shall we say “hopping”….

  • For the formal setting//If upscale and elegant is the route you are going for, now would be a great time to think about making additions to your china and/or serving pieces collection.  Replacements Limited is a great source for all-things-china. By looking into brand favorites and serving needs, you can find exactly what your personal taste desires.  The site has even added a wonderful section that allows you to “Build Your Table” and complete your Easter table setting from start to finish! Simon Pearce is another brand to add to your elite repertoire that would add modern flair to a more classic china setting.


  • For the punchy brunch//If hosting on a Saturday morning or post early church service, let Hester and Cook be your guide.  From ginghams to florals to bold color ways, options abound proving why this brand has earned a cult-like following. We are obsessed with how fine china can be jazzed up a bit with fun placemats and a runner JUST as much as we love H & C toned down with clear plastic plates and throw away utensils!  Their flocked button nose bunnies are THE icing on the cake as well.


  • For a gathering of dear friends//From Beatriz Ball to Montes Doggett, let your personality shine through when friends pop over to celebrate this festive day! To the nines is a great website with everything from Caspari paper products (which always provide the opportunity for easy clean up AND originality) to Stonewall Kitchen mixers.




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