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Making a house a home is such a goal for many.  After a long day, there is simply nothing better than opening the door and finding peace and serenity that blankets the craziness life can bring.   If you don’t get those vibes from your humble abode already, fear not.  Spring is THE perfect time of year to achieve your house goals…or at least begin taking the steps in the right direction.

While perusing your home, you might begin to get a tad overwhelmed at the thought of ALL. THERE. IS. TO. DO.  The key in getting your home spring-ready is to make a list and start somewhere.  One day, you might knock out a few punch list items.  Another day you might focus on one to-do and it take precedent for the day’s entirety.  Just go into it realizing there is no right place to start and regardless of the process, you will be the beneficiary of all of your hard work.  As the sunshine brings warmth to the upcoming season’s day, you will be bringing the same kind of light into your home!

Here are some of our suggestions at updating your home to offer all the joy THIS spring season….

  1. MIX IT UP – Sometimes a little re-arranging can go a long way.  Instead of thinking you need to re-do a room in it’s entirety, try re-imagining the flow of a room and what makes it feel more inviting. Perhaps a smaller area needs an updated, intimate feel?  Maybe your living room isn’t properly placed and needs re-evaluating for company purposes?  Wherever area of the home you are in most, begin there. Why let all the furniture stay at a single place all the time – they aren’t nailed to the ground or anything, right?
  2. MR. FIX IT – Winter and all the time spent indoors can lead to havoc on the indoors.  The spring is the perfect way to doctor up those areas that have been hit the hardest.  Call the painter to come touch up areas that have maintained dings (or save some cash and do it yourself!). Those windows with all the fingerprints and build up….clean those to let the gorgeous sunlight in.  Whatever areas need TLC, now is the perfect time to give it to them.
  3. PATIO and PORCH PREVIEW – Let’s celebrate that outdoor season is almost here!  Pressure wash and deep clean your outdoor areas so that it is company-ready.  Move your furniture around so that you can appreciated the best view at your given location.  Your outdoor areas should truly feel like additional rooms; therefore, do not neglect them.  Fluff and freshen them up to truly enjoy them.  A charcuterie board on a clean outdoor sofa with a good glass of wine will be appreciated even more than in seasons past!
  4. THE DIRTY WORK – Kitchens and bathrooms are THE areas to deep clean.  If you think about it, those two spots are where germs meet up to have a party! Take out your appliances, and clean them before putting them back in place. Clean out the fridge and truly get rid of what needs to go.  As for the bathrooms, clean “all things” thoroughly. Having these areas fresh will truly uplift the feeling of a home as well as protect those who dwell in it more!  Find your favorite new candle scent and spruce each up with fresh florals.  Again…..these often-traveled areas are places you will be so why not add more to them?
  5. AND…..MORE FLOWERS – No need to go overboard in the floral department; however, having a vision in mind with a certain color way or type of flower and integrating that in small, subtle ways throughout your home promotes continuity and even “freshness” about the home.  While a single stem of a beautiful flower might look great popped in a mint julep cup in the bathroom, a larger arrangement in your favorite vase in the foyer will connect the house details together.  All of your rooms make up your total home.  Sprucing up each caveat in an understated way packs a huge punch!


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