YOUR Nutrition

Ugh….this one is SO hard.  We have found ourselves bouncing back and forth between not having an appetite followed by eating everything in sight.  Neither extreme proceeds feeling your best.  While flexibility and not being super-rigid with your nutrition are of importance, a little focus on what’s going into your body these days is a topic of importance!

  • At this point, we have all come across a length of memes that are beyond laughable.  To be honest, that laughter has been beyond needed; however, let’s not let one of those memes be our personal biography.  What you put in your body certainly directly effects it.  Healthy eating is especially important in keeping your immune system in top condition.
  • Minimize trips to the grocery store and attempt to eat healthy.
  • Stock up on nutrition-packed foods. Opting for fresh fruits and a veggies are obviously what we are going for; however, their lifeline isn’t as long as packaged ones that last in a can until 2022!  Adding some oatmeal, beans and legumes, and soups & natural sauces into the mix are good staples that add some longevity to your menu planning
  • Support some of your local businesses and add a take-out night to give yourself a break.  Many restaurants are running promotions and new, inventive ways to keep their doors open AND keep you safe.  We want our restaurants and food venues to thrive; therefore, we have got to do our part to support them.
  • Let your kiddos be a part of your kitchen routine!  Yes, they make more of a mess than you and I do; however, integrating their hands into a meal brings some needed joy and love…and hopefully yields something remotely edible:)
  • Make it a family meal.  Eating dinner together can NOW happen….savor that!  Whether it is homemade or takeout, eating more meals at home is a new routine for many families. Keep the stress down by making mealtime fun.  Enjoy….each…..other.
  • Food for thought….check out our e.Allen’s Pinterest page.  We have been selecting a few must-have recipes that have caught our attention.  Some are easy.  Some are not.  Some are healthy….some are SO not!
  • To grab a Corona or not….that is the question.  While it is certainly 5 o’clock somewhere anytime during the quarantine, moderation is key.  Not to be Debbie Downer, but drowning your sorrows and your stress with alcohol is obviously not the best coping route.  Your sleep and overall emotional health will take a hit if you do so.  Can you have a cocktail or a glass when desired….for sure.  Just know that multiple doses is certainly not the best mental medicine during times like this!