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The ladies of e.Allen’s HQ are bringing truth your way!  Some members of our team are blending their culinary taste and Tik Tok obsession…and having SUCH fun doing so.  After coming across a wide variety of suggestions, three of our team members decided to give some recipes a go and share their personal opinions and thoughts with you.

You’ve seen them.  You’ve heard about them…but have you tried them? These popular Tik Tok recipes are worth the hype and a try this summer.  Let’s break down our “food critics” and their culinary experiences one by one…

Elizabeth’s Culinary Expertise

  • Hunter’s chickpea salad is sooooooooo good!  Paired with mini pitas or scoops for bite-sized deliciousness, this recipe is a “yes” for the summer season.  E also suggested pairing with cornbread or corn cakes on the side for some extra oomph!

Aubrey’s Asian-Infused Recipe…

  • Emily Mariko nailed this one and our Aubrey is here to confirm.  No need to head out to to a drive thru when you can get this yummy and healthier option at home!  With fresh salmon, this is a way to elevate your homestyle cooking in a flash.

Lex-Loving Caviar

  • By the pool or to share with friends for a night in, this yummy cowboy caviar is so delish with any tortilla chip.  Grab a marg or your fave craft beer and enjoy!
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