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Charcuterie boards are most certainly loved and enjoyed.  The meats and cheeses offered and the presentation of a board please the palette and meet the needs of a gorgeous food presentation with ease.  Charcuterie will likely never be a trend that goes out of style and yet will remain a hostess staple for years to come.  However, there is a new kid in town.

Anyone up for a fresh way to please a crowd?  Insert: BUTTER BOARDS.

Butter boards are an easy way to present traditional bread and butter at dinnertime or at a party with an extra flavorful flair. They are bursting with flavor and are easy to customize.  You might find yourself not wanting anything else for dinner besides the bread and butter, itself.  While the concept is simple, the options are endless. Savory or sweet, a butter board is a pretty centerpiece, and the pretty is the point. It’s simplicity is, perhaps, the real draw.

The following are some sites worth noting for some guidance AND inspo on this yummy trend…

  • The CUT//A fun, insta-infused article about bread and butter and why it’s addicting.
  • Mirror//Via the UK’s largest media outlets, this site suggests reasoning behind this food trend and proves why it’s an easy, crowd-pleasing win.
  • The Recipe Critic//This article provides a great “how to” on building a butter board with ease and suggests ingredients destined for approval.
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