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Winter and wine often go hand in hand.  The cooler temps and holing up inside make the desire to grab a cab or a pinot undeniable. Red wine during this season is just as vital as rosé is in summer, and it can add the cherry on top to an unforgettable evening.

Let’s be honest, though.  Isn’t determining which one to grab, at times, difficult?

While there is not “right” or “wrong” when selecting THAT perfect bottle, certain types of red wine most certainly pair better with certain foods.  While multiple options exist, we have broken down 3 of the key players in wine world to help you out.

THE PINOT NOIR: Loved for it’s versatility, a pinot noir is an easy place to start.  Known for it’s light-bodied nature, it’s a great bottle to choose to please a crowd because it’s notes aren’t too specific and blends well with so many food options.  From poultry to mushroom-infused dishes, a pinot has a way with blending yet not overpowering your foods. The Prisoner is a slightly higher end bottle BUT a wonderful choice to please the most critical palette!

THE MALBEC: For a middle of the road choice, a Malbec is a happy place to be.  It doesn’t have a super lengthy finish; therefore, it’s not as “strong” as our third and final red wine choice.  Fix that gooey, grilled cheese or peppery flank steak and know that a Malbec is a solid “yes”.  Our team is a big fan of Catena Malbec for it’s price point AND overall taste.

THE CABERNET SAUVIGNON: This wine is complex, yet subtle, and it’s a perfect match for the winter weather. You’ll never get bored of discovering the different flavor profiles and the yummy flavors a cab entails.  Sip on this in tandem with a charcuterie board or delicious steak, and your belly will thank you.  Since this type of red just happens to be an HQ favorite, we decided to pick a high end as well as a budget-friendly option.  If it’s an easy night in with close friends, perhaps The Show is a good choice.  For a special evening or celebratory event, Caymus Vineyards is hands-down one that will knock your socks off!  This Napa Valley selection has THE best, rich flavor we have come across.


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