How on earth are we here?  We are literally standing on the brink of spring.  Heightened temperatures, sun-infused vacays, and a myriad of warmer weather happenings are all on the horizon.  With all of these exciting things that are creeping closer, our e.Allen Spring Preview is the ticket to get you haute and ready in no time!

March 5th, all of our 3 locations (AND online) will be stocked with items waiting to jump into your closet.   Insane accessories, new must-have labels, cult favorites, and more will be displayed and ready.  While any event at e.Allen is a well thought out one, our Spring Preview is truly beyond unique.

Not only does it showcase the product of our New York and Atlanta market trips, our stylists have cultivated a wide range of outfit selections to suit anyone’s style.  While GOOD pieces are a must….so is showcasing HOW to wear them.  While coming in to snag new arrivals and view tasteful, trend-setting styles, learning how to integrate purchases into the rotation of your closet staples is truly what e.Allen employees are known for.  While recognizing a good look is key, giving you the confidence to work the look on your own is our stylists’ end goal.

Spring Preview 2020 is going to be fresh, floral, and down right amazing.  Michael Stars, Bella Dahl, French Connection, and many more of our forever favorites all have new elements represented in their spring releases.  We simply cannot wait to share!

On the flip side, our buyers pulled some new labels at market as well to showcase in the e.Allen Spring Preview lineup.  Sundry and Capulet are two noteworthy additions.  While Sundry was a recent add-in that did well in the fall, Capulet is completely fresh and the amazing black linen set we have in stock is such an interesting one to stash into your wardrobe.

Whether restocking your faves or refreshing with the new, visiting e.Allen is simply a MUST on Thursday March 5th.  Single champs servings, munching on macaroons, and fresh floral bundles (while they last, of course) will all help elevate the shopping day and feel throughout the stores.  We are thrilled spring has arrived…let us show you why!