Name:  Haley Hodgson
Age:  20
Birthplace:  Torrance, CA

    1. When you were little, what did you want to be? A ballerina!!
    2.  If you could only nosh on 3 things for the rest of your life, what would they be?  Hot Cheeto fries, ramen, and sushi 
    3. What woman do you look up to the most and why? My mom because she worked her way to the top from nothing in order to give my sister and I the opportunities we have today 🙂
    4. What do you love about yourself? My ability to always remain empathetic.
    5. If you were on a reality television show, what would it be? Probably like… Amazing Race or something!! I love to explore the world 🙂
    6.  What is the best song…..ever? ANYTHING by Michael Jackson
    7. If you could ask the President one question, what would it be? How are you going to empower our country in a positive way?
    8.  Name a product you LOVE and that you would become the spokesperson for? Anything and ALL THINGS made by Glossier
    9. Favorite piece of clothing, past or present, from e.Allen? Ooooo this is a TOUGH ONE! Probably all things SHOES. I am Carrie Bradshaw.
    10. Who is your style icon? Just to name a few: Rihanna because she always takes risks, Miley Cyrus because she is a huge advocate for sustainable fashion, and Blake Lively because she keeps it classy and elegant. A look for all of my moods!!