YOUR Wellness….

We can’t say it enough…YOU matter.  The way you start your day and the way you maintain your best “you” throughout can make or break this stressful time.  Yes, we are all going to have our own ups and downs; however, getting refocused and refreshed throughout the day is a way to let some positivity prevail.

  • Establish a set wake up time.  Yes, early morning meetings and school start times are on a hold; however, getting up at the same time and setting your biological clock truly helps your body to recognize it’s time to get up and moving.
  • Take 1 minute….1 minute… breathe.  It might feel like groundhog’s day (and yep, it kind of is) but taking a brief moment to breathe and get your mind centered with prayer or meditation or pure silence is a way to hit the start button for your day in a centered way.
  • Take care of your body.  Wash your face.  Brush your teeth.  Heck, maybe even put on some mascara or a dab of makeup…or don’t!  Just do YOU so that YOU feel good about your appearance.  A positive outlook thought process of one’s self and her overall appearance reaps a magnitude of rewards.  Also, ramp up your H2O intake.  Water is the core of a healthy immune system.  The benefits are endless!
  • Allow time throughout the day for deep breaths, a little stretching, or meditation.  Sneaking in a few moments of calm for yourself throughout the day might help in redirecting your brain and getting centered.  Whether child rearing children or dealing with stressful new elements of work, you have got to do a few things for yourself in order for the other areas of your life to succeed.
  • Light a candle.  Your favorite scent can transcend a favorite memory…and just lighten the mood!
  • Order some fresh flowers for yourself….or others!  Local florists are certainly needing the business these days.  Just like a candle, a fresh bundle or colorful arrangement can lift a spirit in no time.  Or if you need toilet paper…those TP arrangements might bring a bit of laughter:)
  • Talk to a friend.  Be it FaceTime, Marco Polo, or (gasp) actually dialing someone’s number….just because we are respecting the social distancing guidelines doesn’t mean we can’t be social!