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Welcome to summer in the south; where temperatures surpass 100 degrees and sometimes it feels impossible to escape from the summer sun. It’s important to remember that even on those cloudy days, UV rays can take a toll on your skin. Skin protection should be your #1 beauty priority this, and every, summer and we’re here with a few tips to keep your skin healthy and protected!

  • Sunscreen is a foolproof way to protect your skin from the harsh sun. There is such a wide variety of SPF-infused products today that there’s no excuse not to add this step to your daily routine. There’s tinted moisturizer, invisible shield, and even some with a little sparkle. Be sure to apply this post-moisturizer and under your makeup in order for it to be most effective. Take note of water resistance and how long the application lasts so you can reapply as needed. Your skin thanks you!
  • With summer comes an array of outdoor activities you’ll want to attend. Hats are one of the easiest ways to protect your face from the incoming rays. Whether you choose a baseball hat, a wide brim or something in between, shading your face can save you pain (and wrinkles) down the line. Haven’t found your perfect summer hat yet? Be sure to check out our full selection here and keep up with our new arrivals on @eallenboutique!


Image Source: Glossier

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